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Our in-depth topics this quarter include:

  • Expanding your business: are you ready?

Highlighting areas to consider before deciding to expand

  • The new Structures and Buildings Allowance

Taking a look at the new capital allowance

  • Retaining staff: key areas to consider

Examining ways in which you can boost staff morale

  • Business Round-up

Government urged to take ‘tough action’ on late payments; UK SMEs ‘unmindful of risks posed by cyber-attacks’, poll suggests

  • Web Watch

Useful websites for business owners

  • Reminders for your Diary

Key tax dates and deadlines for your calendar

Why choose Croner Taxwise?

HMRC are more determined than ever to increase the tax yield from tax payers.

So, with the increasingly complex tax environment and HMRC’s continued use of more efficient methods of checking for non-compliance, it’s more important than ever that you are able to defend yourself in a tax investigation.

Do you have the most tax-efficient plan in place?

Are your tax and financial arrangements saving you as much tax as possible? The end of the tax year will soon be upon us but we can help make sure that you don’t miss out on any money-saving opportunities, ahead of the year end.

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With our useful tips and assistance, we can help you and your business to save tax and increase profitability, but the sooner we act the better.

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