Business Planning, Support & Consultancy

We provide pragmatic advice – simply ticking boxes won’t help your business grow – that’s why we always have our commercial hats on. Release those hidden profits – call us on 020 8390 0514.

As business advisors we have day to day involvement with many different enterprises.

We are focused on helping UK businesses grow their business.

As a result we are able to see how good ideas are put into action and evaluate how this can help other businesses grow & prosper.

Planning is crucial, as research shows that businesses that do plan and have clear strategies are far more successful. Businesses that don’t plan can rely on intuition or making snap decisions, but generally end up riding the roller coaster.

Our main Added Value Services consist of :
• Business Valuations;
• Raising Finance;
• Information systems & implementation;
• Business Plans, forecasts & projections.

We can carry out a “financial performance review” for your business to furnish you with the following information and services:

  • An analysis of your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Strategic planning – removing the blocks that are stopping you getting where you want to be.
  • A valuation of your business & suggestions as to how this could be enhanced.
  • Budgeting and cash flow forecasts.
  • Business planning – setting goals and action plans
  • Financial management – benchmarking against other competitors
  • Accounting, information systems – getting systems in place to help your business grow
  • Leadership & team building – working ON the business so you spend less time working IN it
  • Organisational structure
  • Performance monitoring & key performance indicators (KPI).
  • People skills & time management – improving the performance of your team members.
  • Marketing strategy & unique selling point.

As your business continues to grow & develop we can help you ensure your accounting systems are robust, efficient & expedient.  This process will enable you to obtain up-to-date management information to allow you to make financial and strategic decisions.

Our approach is to be involved with you and your business throughout the year not just at the year end.

Raising finance & Business Plans

Do you know the most likely source of finance & the best rates?
We can advise on:
• Venture capital
• Bank loan / overdraft
• Invoice factoring
• HP or finance lease

We can help you with business planning and cash flow forecasts, in order for you to plan your working capital requirements and prepare forecasts for bank overdraft and loan facilities.

Exit Planning & Business Succession Planning

We can help you plan for the eventual sale of your business and provide you with advice on the timing of the sale, the tax consequences and how to minimise your tax liability on completion.

Selling your business may be the time when you finally get to reap the rewards of a lifetime of work, or it might be the opportunity to cash in when the conditions are right before you start your next enterprise.
You only get to do it once and the financial profits are substantial if you get it right.
In this respect, the most important issues we can advise you on are:-
• Preparing your business for sale
• Setting the price
• Timing the sale
• The tax consequences of the sale & how to legally minimize the taxes
• Planning to make use of valuable tax reliefs to avoid an unnecessary tax bill.

Ensure your new business venture is built on a firm foundation

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